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nView for Business Development & Consulting Professionals: Configured for immediate use by Business Development Managers (BDMs) and Consulting Professionals the nView cloud delivered solution is ready to use "out of the box" so you can get started immediately and see benefits fast.

Time and Materials billing consultants will be able to easily manage multiple client contracts and record time easily against each project. BDM's will be able to review all their client contracts to find oppoutunities to increase service levels and sales. Register Now!

BDM's will be able to start recording their client engagements and projects immediately with sample project types defaulted and an easy set-up guide that assists in a quick configuration. Get your client project data online and managed fast and easily with the nView Cloud solution. Compare Contract Management Cloud Business Editions

The Contract module is prepopulated with industry standard fields and data that allows you to start use immediately. Once you are up and using nView and seeing benefits you can further configure to your specific requirements. Start adding and uploading your client contract data immediately by registering for the free to use Entry Solo trial edition.

nView's Relationship Management module provides a view of all your Contracts for a single client. This allows for cross consulting and business development opportunities. It also allows you to view upcoming milestones and files for all the contracts for a client relationship. Read about Contract Management Cloud Business Edition Features

Our Time module integrated with Projects and all other modules is ready to use and allows you to report consulting time immediately. Allowing you to assess how much time you are spending on each account to create your billing easily.

Dashboards provide views into each module and allow easy reporting and updates. The default reports provide instant access to your data. Compare Contract Management Cloud Business Editions

Workflows for contracts is prepopulated with approver types and easily allows you to start recording contract approval electronically. It allows further configuration if you require more complex workflow rules. Register Now!

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